Square Peg Concerts

Square Peg Concerts

Seattle based promoter who runs shows all over the western USA. In Portland he books shows at the Aladdin, Berbati’s Dante’s, Crystal Ballroom and the Roseland.  Books the Summer concert series at the Secret House Vineyards. (Past acts like Tegan and Sara, Social Distortion, Death Cab For Cutie).

Check his site out, he is always adding new shows.

He is very good about sharing his posters and he has an open call for designs. Cheers!

New Square Peg Concerts

Buckethead concert poster

BucketHead December 30

Crystal Ballroom

Cherry Poppin Daddies

Cherry Poppin Daddies February 6

Wonder Ballroom

Edwin McCain January 15


Ours Concert Posters

Ours December 3 Berbati’s

Melissa ferrick

Melissa Ferrick Wonder Ballroom

November 22

Bryan Adams concert Poster

Bryan Adams November 30

McDonald Theater Eugene

Al Dimeola

Al Di Meola Tower Theater

January 28

Mac Lethal

Mac Lethal November 25 Berbati’s

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