Poster Submission




 Poster Submission requirements for the Portland Poster Pole


     Poster should be a 12 x 18 inch .jpg or .pdf with at least 150 dpi


email posters as attachments to






There are 3 types of posters.


        1. Commercial admat style 

               –where you take a hi res promo photo and add a few flourishes 

                and a text area.




       2  Collage style Where you put together a collage of various images.

          Somtimes including a picture of the band ( which you run through a few photoshop filters)







       3. Illustration style







Before starting a poster :


    #1 Go the band’s myspace page and listen to their music.


    #2 Check The band’s website and  do searchs at



          To see the type of images used to promote the band.


    #3 Harmonize your ideas with what will work for the band’s image and fans.




Tips for making posters




– Have a large supply of different fonts

       see  for free fonts




Sources for images of bands.

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