Portland Concert Venues

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A brief rundown of the main concert venues in Portland Oregon

Aladdin Theater    http://www.aladdin-theater.com/

3017 SE Milwaukie, At the foot of the Ross Island Bridge (eastside) on the corner of Powell.

capacity -620 people, General Admission, Usually All Ages

Info (503)-233-1994


Berbati’s Pan    http://www.berbatis.com/

10 SW 3rd, Corner of SW 3rd and Ankenny

Capacity 500+

(503)-226-2122  ext 1 for calendar , ext 2 for location and directions

Crystal Ballroom   http://www.mcmenamins.com/index.php?loc=2&id=98

1332 W. Burnside, On Burnside right before the bridge over the 405, arcoss from Everyday music.
Capacity 1,500  – normally general admission.

Dante’s   http://www.danteslive.com/index.html1 SW 3rd, Corner of 3rd and Burnside

I Like Dante’s, It’s a great place to go on a Sunday night Sinferno.

Doug Fir / Jupiter Hotel    http://dougfirlounge.com/calendar.html

830 E Burnside,   A couple of blocks past the east end of the Burnside Bridge

Capacity 299,  21 and Over


Hawthorne Theater      http://www.hawthornetheater.com/

1507 SE 39th,   Corner of Hawthorne and SE39th, across from Freddy’s


capacity 600, All Ages, With a separate 21 over bar Area

Rose Garden Arena / Memorial Coliseum     http://www.rosequarter.com/default.asp

One Center Court,  I-5 Rose Quarter exit, Between I-5 and Broadway/Broadway Bridge


Roseland Theater        http://www.doubletee.com/rose_schedule.html

8 NW 6th  Capacity approx 1480, In your face security and questionable sound.


Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall       http://www.pcpa.com/events/index.php

1037 SW Broadway,  Under the big PORTLAND sign on Broadway

Capacity- 2,776  (1500 on the main floor-Orchestra)


Satyricon    http://beta.satyriconpdx.com/

125 NW 6th  The legend is back!, If you want to get dirty, this is the place to go.

Capacity 450

Wonder Ballroom    http://www.wonderballroom.com/

128 NE Russell,    Corner of NE Russell and NE Rodney

Capacity 700,


Ash St Saloon    http://www.ashstreetsaloon.com

225 SW Ash, On Ash St. between 2nd and 3rd


Bands 7 Nights a week, cheap PBR, once in a while they get a national touring band

Holocene     http://www.holocene.org/

1001 SE Morrison,   Next to Sassy’s !!


Mississippi Studios   http://www.mississippistudios.com/

3939 N. Mississippi


Recording Studio/Performance Space. Cool venue, have a brew at the Crow Bar before or after the show. They are expanding it from it’s previous micro size. They nabbed the booker from the Doug Fir.

Rotture     http://www.rotture.com/

315 SE 3rd  The former Loveland, an interesting venue among the warehouses. They book a wide range of acts.


The Bitter End   http://www.thebitterendpub.com/

1981 W. Burnside  971-222-2000

The Home of the Timber’s Army. The place to go before anything at PGE Park. Many free shows.

Kelly’s Olympian    http://www.kellysolympian.com/

426 SW Washington

Cool collection of bikes.

Slabtown       http://www.slabtownbar.net/

1033 NW 16th

Home of the Dandy Warhols, A dive bar oasis in a vast yuppie wasteland

The Tonic Lounge   http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=1797612

3100 NE Sandy

An outpost of Rock n’ Roll on Sandy.  Watch out for the pervs coming out of the Dirty Bookstore across the street. Especially after closing time!

The Towne Lounge

714 SW 20th Pl   Look for the Green light

Always an eclectic  music selection

Someday Lounge   http://www.somedaylounge.com/

125 NW 5th A block east of Satyricon and the Roseland in oldtown

Interesting space, in busines 2 years so far, had some good shows, check it out for something different. Very ambitious.

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