P.O.S. Concert Never Better Tour.

February 7 at Satyricon In Portland, Oregon

P-O-S- Concert Poster

P-O-S- Concert Poster

P.O.S. ( Stefon Alexander) is a rapper from Minneapolis MN. Currently on Rhymesayers.

Never Better P.O.S.

Never Better is the third full-length album from Minnesota Rapper P.O.S. It is the follow-up to Audition and is similarly punk-inspired. The First Single, “Goodbye” was released in Mid-December, 2008. The second single, “Drumroll (We’re All Thristy)”was released Mid-January on ITunes and Amazon. The Track “Savion Glover” was previously released on Doomtree’s “False Hopes”, in 2007.

Track listing

# Title Time Performer(s)
1 Let it Rattle P.O.S.
2 Drumroll (We’re All Thirsty) 2:37 P.O.S.
3 Savion Glover 2:22 P.O.S.
4 Purexed P.O.S.
5 Graves (We Wrote The Book) P.O.S.
6 Goodbye 3:07 P.O.S.
7 Get Smokes P.O.S.
8 Been Afraid 3:45 P.O.S.
9 Low Light Low Life P.O.S.
10 The Basics (Alright) P.O.S.
11 Out of Category 3:00 P.O.S.
12 Optimist (We Are Not For Them) P.O.S.
13 Terrorish P.O.S.
14 Never Better P.O.S.
15 The Brave and the Snake P.O.S.

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  1. Hi There! I absolutely MUST have this poster!! I’ll pay up to 25 plus shipping for it. Do you have it in stock??

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