Free Posters

Free Concert Posters from the Portland Poster Pole

Wu-Tang Clan Concert Poster December 2 Roseland

Wu-Tang Clan Concert Poster

AC/DC Black Ice concert poster

AC/DC Black Ice concert poster

Dave matthews Band  Gorge 2008

Dave Matthews Band Gorge 2008















This Month’s 3 Free Posters


One of the aims of this site is to give away any extra concert posters we come across.


Once a week we drop off a big stack of posters in Portland  at

Diesel Fuel Prints -

726 SE 10th, near the corner of SE 10th and Morrison, in the back part of the Holocene building across from Sassy’s.

Stop by there have a look, and pick any 3  posters you want, FREE.


For People outside Portland.

This a free community site.  It is a hobby for me.

I tried to mail these free posters to people that requested, but all I got was grief because I would not pay for shipping costs out of my own pocket.

I am sorry, I have the posters and I would like to give them away, but this site is a hobby for me and my budget is tight, there is no money to spend on poster tubes and postage.


Other Free Posters currently available.

14 thoughts on “Free Posters

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  4. Hi-
    I’m a huge X fan from the bygone era- saw them numerous times at the Lawrence Opera House in Lawrence, KS in the early 80′s-
    Will be there tomorrow night at the Crystal-
    Do you have any posters left?

  5. I never got any for this concert but I have a bunch for last time. I recommend that you cruise in Ringlers and grab one from the window. Or grab one from across the street off the window at Everyday music.

  6. hi i was wondering if i could get one of your wu-tang posters
    i’m a big fan of them
    i live out in california
    i can pay for shipping
    can you let me know how to do that
    thank you

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  9. Hello there, showing you some love from singapore!
    love what you are doing? and im interested to get some posters for my room.
    i dont mind paying for the shipping and poster tubes!
    do contact me alright?

  10. Good Afternoon,

    My name is Richard Bruce and I am fifty seven years old. Approximately six years ago I began having health problem. I evaluated things which were meaningful to me … something that I could leave my daughters (Brianna 12 & Olivia 5). I have a large vinyl collection of rock ‘n’ roll, so I decided to start collecting concert posters that would compliment the vinyl. I would be more than happy to send you the postage and mailing tube for concert posters. The Dave Matthews Band (Gorge Concert) is a poster that I would be interested in.
    I also have a friend that recently moved to Portland who might pick up the posters for me.


  11. Hey there, I’m an enormous DMB fan! We see em every year at the gorge (among other places) and I would love that 08 poster, it was an amazing weekend of shows! I would have no problem paying for shipping cost. Please let me know if there’s any left or your still offering the free posters period.

  12. Good Evening,

    This is an incredible service! I am the worlds biggest Dave Matthews fan, I have not missed a show at the gorge in 12 years. I would greatly appreciate the Dave at the gorge 2008 poster that is posted above. Please let me know how and who to get the postage to or any other info you need. Thank you so much!!!

    Aaron Wheaton

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