Thank You for stopping by the Portland Poster Pole.

This site aims to be a hub for the Portland Oregon concert scene with an emphasis on concert posters.

We will endeavor to give away any and all extra concert posters we come across. Hopefully this site will be a go to for great poster art.

If you want one of your posters displayed here please contact us. We will display your posters and give you a page in our Concert Posters Designers section with a link back to your site or email.


Please just include your posters as a email attachment.

Large files preferred. We like to display 750 x 1125 pixels on the posters to give a good view.

PDF, JPG, Tiff, PNG, BMP file formats are all acceptable.

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  1. Hey, I really like your site and think its awesome that you are giving away free posters. However, I live in Southern California, and being that it is a slight out-of-the-way/inconvenient drive to Portland, I was wondering if I could some how convince you into to mailing me some of the posters. I would take care of shipping and tubes and even some extra for your time (personal check, cash, bartering, seashells, etc.) If you still stick with your rule of no mailing, then no problem. Just thought I’d ask, and if I am ever in the Portland region I will make sure to stop by the designated place to pick up some posters. Thank you for your time and your great website.


  2. Searchin the web and here you are!!! I happen to be glancin for a Lady Sovereign Concert Poster that was held at The Doug Fir May 23,2009…..any chance ya know where one might be found??

    Thanx and Grovels

  3. Hello,

    I too am an avid PDX poster admirer. My sculptures and installations are based on posters.

    I am writing to respectfully request your consideration for the donation of such materials. This inquiry is for both expired and/or current posters.

    I am a local artist and graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I have been granted an opportunity for an installation project at the Vestibule, located inside Portland’s Disjecta gallery. The theme for this project is contemporary communication. For the exhibit I will need to gather thousands of posters and fliers from the Portland area by November 2010. They will be folded, cropped, into 3″ x 4″ tiles. I would be grateful for any materials you may be able to offer.

    I am reliable and prompt when picking up donated materials. Please feel free to contact me with questions and comments. My contact information is noted below.

    I greatly appreciate your time and support.



    Stacy Lynn Smith

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